Ditching the bottle – Shampoo bars

zero waste shampoo bar

According to Recycle Now, over 35 million plastic bottles are used everyday in the UK alone, almost half of which aren’t even recycled! When you look at global figures things start to get even scarier. When we talk about avoiding plastic bottles we automatically think of swapping to reusable water bottles, but there are other ways to avoid plastic bottles. I’m starting with shampoo. Zero waste shampoo bar Swapping from liquid shampoo to a bar […]

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Zero Waste Razor

  Shaving is probably the most popular form of hair removal these days, for several reasons. It’s incredibly convenient as you don’t need to book into a salon. It’s virtually pain free, providing you don’t cut yourself. And it’s extremely cheap as you can get packets of several disposable razors for just a few pounds. But although it might not cost us much, our environment does pay a price. Disposable razors and disposable blades go […]

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