Ditching the bottle – Shampoo bars

zero waste shampoo bar

According to Recycle Now, over 35 million plastic bottles are used everyday in the UK alone, almost half of which aren’t even recycled! When you look at global figures things start to get even scarier. When we talk about avoiding plastic bottles we automatically think of swapping to reusable water bottles, but there are other ways to avoid plastic bottles. I’m starting with shampoo.

Zero waste shampoo bar

Swapping from liquid shampoo to a bar took me longer than it should have. This may have been because I’d have to go out of my way to get one and I’ve started to avoid ordering online where possible. Or maybe I was reluctant to let go of the commercial bottled stuff I’d been using for so long. The latter is probably more accurate. I looked forward to trying new shampoo and if I found one I liked I would try to buy it in the biggest bottle of non-recyclable plastic I could find. I loved how soft my hair felt after using new products for my old routine – wash, rinse, wash, rinse, condition, rinse.

Zero waste shampoo bar

The Soak and Float bar from Lush is the first shampoo bar I’ve bought and I am so surprised at how good it is; not that I doubted Lush, I’ve just never been a massive fan of bars of soap, they always leave my hands feeling dry.

I’ve used this a good few times now and I honestly don’t think I’ll go back to bottles of shampoo. Aside from being vegan and smelling lovely, the bar was so easy to use and left my hair clean and soft. I didn’t even need to follow up with conditioner – a definite first! Any time I’ve washed my hair and not conditioned, which could only have been a handful of times, my hair was left feeling dry and brittle. I didn’t want to spend money on a conditioner bar until I knew if I liked the shampoo one. The Soap and Float bar left my hair feeling as if I had already conditioned it, i just rubbed a tiny bit of coconut oil on the ends when I got out of the shower. Hopefully my hair continues to feel this soft. In the long run I will have exposed it to less products and also saved myself some dolla’ from not buying conditioner.

Zero waste shampoo bar

The reason I picked this particular bar over the many others was because it’s for calming itchy, dry scalps. I don’t have this problem but I was afraid of creating it by using an unfamiliar product so I thought this one was least likely to cause any irritation. Also, this one doesn’t have a very feminine smell and I wanted my boyfriend to try it, anything too floral would have been an immediate no. Turns out he loves it too and neither of us have had any irritation!

Zero waste shampoo bar

Travel friendly

Another great thing about using a shampoo bar is they’re incredibly travel friendly. I’ve recently travelled from Ireland to Sydney (via Asia) where I’m currently working, but will be backpacking again soon so this is a massive bonus. I won’t have to worry about any shampoo explosions in my toiletry bag. Trust me when I say a little really does go a long way! So although it’s similar in size to those mini hotel bottles of shampoo, you certainly get a lot more than 3 washes out of it. These pictures were taken after using it for about 2 months, I try to wash my hair 2-3 times a week, but the bar hasn’t gotten much smaller in that time.

A positive change

I’m already excited about trying some other shampoo bars when my current one is (eventually) done, but I’m even more excited that I can now happily avoid adding shampoo and conditioner bottles to landfill for the foreseeable future. These are a definite try if you’re trying to cut down on plastic!


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